Open Positions!

Open positions at T-SMART Lab

One Post-doctoral Researcher Position!

One position is currently available in the Technion Sustainable Mobility and Robust Transportation (T-SMART) Laboratory in the fields of traffic flow and control. Excellent candidates with experience and appropriate background in Traffic Flow Theory, Control Theory, Robust Control, Estimation Theory, Large-scale Distributed Control, Predictive Control, Autonomous Vehicles, or a related field, are encouraged to apply.

Several M.Sc. and Ph.D. Positions!

Various research topics are suggested for M.Sc. and Ph.D. studies in the area of traffic flow control and management. Graduate students are invited to conduct research under the (co-)supervision of Asst. Prof. Jack Haddad at the Transportation and Geo-Information department of the Civil and Environmental Engineering. The research topics presented below might combine traffic flow, control, optimal control, and other theories, and they would be suitable for graduate students from different faculties (Computer science, Electrical, Mechanical, Civil engineering, and others).

For more detailed information, please contact Asst. Prof. Haddad at

Available Topics

  • Traffic Flow Control for Signalized Intersections in Presence of Vehicle Automation
  • Automatic Incident Detection in Freeways by Bluetooth Based Tracking
  • Hierarchical management and control for large-scale transportation systems
  • Optimal control for isolated or paired signalized intersections
  • Integrated control for freeways
  • Network flow monitoring and estimation from multi-sensor data
  • Control design of robust transportation systems
  • Improving transportation energy efficiency in urban cities by network traffic control